I regularly give talks to university and public audiences, and speak with radio hosts and podcasters about the American Civil War, U.S. western history, American popular culture, and other topics.

Podcast Interviews related to Saving Yellowstone

Radio and Podcast Interviews about The Three-Cornered War:

TV and Livestream Talks about The Three-Cornered War:

Speaking Schedule: 2022

  • January 5: New Mexico History Museum (Zoom)
  • January 25: Greater Washington, D.C. Civil War Roundtable (Zoom)
  • February 16-17: University of Alabama
  • February 22: New Bedford Civil War Roundtable
  • March 23: Sadler Lecture, Weber State University
  • March 28: Smith College
  • April 5: Smithsonian Associates Lecture Series (Zoom)
  • April 8-10: Tesoro Lectures, Denver
  • May 18: Haines Lecture, NPS Conference, MSU-Bozeman


Filmed Lectures on other topics (American History TV, C-SPAN3) and Interviews:

Radio and Podcast Interviews: