I regularly give talks to university and public audiences, and speak with radio hosts and podcasters about the American Civil War, U.S. western history, American popular culture, and other topics.

Podcast Interviews related to “Saving Yellowstone”

Radio and Podcast Interviews about “The Three-Cornered War”:

TV and Livestream Talks about “The Three-Cornered War”:

Speaking Schedule: 2020

  • February 7: Annual Lincoln Dinner, Union Club, Boston
  • February 11: Distinguished Lecture in History and Literature, Harvard University. 6:00 p.m.
  • February 13: Concord Bookshop (Concord, Mass). 7:00 p.m. – filmed for CSPAN2 Book TV
  • February 14: General Lander Civil War Roundtable (Lynn, Mass.)
  • February 27: Annaley Naegle Redd Lecture, Charles Redd Center, Brigham Young University
  • March 5: Texas Tech University
  • March 14: Divided Nation livestream interview, Abraham Lincoln Bookshop, Chicago
  • May 9: Pikes Peak Region History Lecture, Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, 2:00 PM MST [virtual event]
  • May 27: Boston Athenaeum, noon EST [virtual event]
  • June 17: Massachusetts Historical Society [virtual event]
  • June 23: Teddy Roosevelt Inaugural Site [virtual event]
  • June 25: Filson Historical Society, Louisville, Kentucky [virtual event]
  • July 22: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation [virtual event]
  • October 8: Penn State University
  • November 12: University of Kentucky


Filmed Lectures on other topics (American History TV, C-SPAN3) and Interviews:

Radio and Podcast Interviews: