Top Ten Eyewear Looks for the AHA and MLA 2017

Given that the two major academic conferences are convening this week in Denver (American Historical Association) and Philadelphia (Modern Language Association), I present my annual fashion post: this year, a list of recommended looks for that accessory almost all academics sport: glasses.

Sure, there are probably academics out there with perfect vision. But even those folks likely have a pair with clear lenses stashed away for emergencies. Because in our profession, glasses are great optics.

So if you’re jetting off to the conferences this week, consider these options for both indoor and outdoor activities. Just because you’re near-sighted does not mean you have to be unfashionable.


10. For the scholar with a mysterious past and a penchant for revenge:


9. For the academic who … no. Just no.


8. For the skeptic in the Q&A:


7. For the conference-goer who needs to surreptitiously glance at a name badge:


6. For the tenured professor secretly on the job market:


5. For the presenter who wrote her paper on the plane and so why the hell not:


4. Ahhhhhhh.

I’m sorry. Carry on.


3. For the department and/or search committee chair:


2. For the professor of Classics:


And 1. For the job candidate who needs you to forget that there are only 2 dissertation chapters completed:


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Eyewear Looks for the AHA and MLA 2017”

  1. Brilliant. But seriously: the best eyewear tip of all is CLEAN GLASSES! People, wash your hands and clean your glasses before your panels and interviews. Academics look like bums with nasty, smeary glasses far too often, and it’s disgusting.

    But YMMV.

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