Top Five Looks for the 2018 AHA/MLA

If you’re off to the American Historical Association meeting in Washington, D.C. or the Modern Language Association meeting in New York City this week – godspeed. May you experience no travel disruptions and may you not freeze to death waiting for hotel shuttles or Lyft rides.

To help with the not freezing part, consider donning the following Winter Looks for panels, interviews, meetings, and receptions:


5. When you want to hit that sweet spot of standing out and blending in.


4. When you really need someone to go with you to the hotel bar.


Oh. Hello, there.


3. When your floor-length fur coat just needs a little something extra.


2. When you forget to pack your interview pants, but it’s okay.


1. When you realize there is only one winter conference look you need.


4 thoughts on “Top Five Looks for the 2018 AHA/MLA”

  1. Oh, I do love me a good Tortured Intellectual Fashion Trendsetter alert, especially the “Forgot my pants” recurring nightmare (twitch, twitch). Say, aren’t you missing something? A certain, archetypal Iris-Got-Murdered-in-this-Coat Sci-Fi hipster House Frau? Love that CW Style!

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