Welcome to The Academic Pub!

WELCOME TO THE ACADEMIC PUB! Where everybody cites your name (but still has to look at your conference badge)   BURGERS AND OTHER MAINS The Adjunct: The leftover half of someone else’s over-cooked burger. Special sauce made from tears of rage and frustration and topped with shredded rejection letters. Server will promise that they’ll bring … Continue reading Welcome to The Academic Pub!

Top Five Looks for the 2018 AHA/MLA

If you're off to the American Historical Association meeting in Washington, D.C. or the Modern Language Association meeting in New York City this week - godspeed. May you experience no travel disruptions and may you not freeze to death waiting for hotel shuttles or Lyft rides. To help with the not freezing part, consider donning … Continue reading Top Five Looks for the 2018 AHA/MLA

SHA 2016 Beach Blanket Bingo

This week, hundreds of academics will descend upon St. Pete's Beach, Florida, ready to slather on the sunscreen, order some umbrella drinks, and talk about history at the Southern Historical Association meeting. In honor of this annual academic ritual, I offer participants the SHA 2016 Bingo Card. Click to download a printable copy: sha-beach-blanket-bingo Enjoy!    

Street Style at The Southern

It is a truth universally acknowledged that historians are not particularly fashion-forward. The sartorial stereotypes persist: the tweed jacket with elbow patches for men, the flowy linen ensembles for women. Glasses. Sensible shoes. A fine layer of chalk dust covering all. While I haven't seen many elbow patches lately, it is true that at conferences--our profession's … Continue reading Street Style at The Southern